IDEA GARAGE serves as a platform to collaborate with like-minded industry professionals to make high concept films with a rebellious independent spirit. Films we would enjoy watching ourselves.

John Marsh & Dane Hallett, co-founders of IDEA GARAGE



An irrepressible kid, lost in the realm of fantasy and make believe, John was destined to be a storyteller. Watching Christopher Reeve on the big screen in 'Superman: The Movie' sparked a secret yearning to ‘do that’, but not realising it was an actual career choice, John moved to Sydney to study Graphic Design. Not content with motion graphics and animation, he finally honoured the acting beast. This eventually then led to him making the leap to the other side of the camera, directing his debut short film ‘HAPPENSTANCE’, an award winning finalist at Tropfest in 2010. 'HAPPENSTANCE' has since travelled the world and played at many prestigious film festivals: ‘Palm Springs International Shortfest’, and the Bondi Short Film Festival (where it won ‘Best Picture’), amongst others.

At the mercy of an unrelenting, frightfully vivid imagination that needed an outlet, Idea Garage was born.

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Born with a penchant for the bizarre, a passion developed in his early childhood, Dane was destined to contribute to the creative ethos of cinema. Embarking on the ‘Seventh Voyage of Sinbad’ and battling the Hydra with ‘Jason and the Argonauts’ was his preference as a child; later, he would spend his time emulating the mythical universes by exploring and refining his skills as an illustrator.

His professional foray into the world of movies began in his early twenties, making props for the film ‘Wolverine - X-men Origins’; from there he quickly found himself designing creatures for the likes of Alex Proyas and the Wachowski siblings. He currently divides his time between feature films and developing concepts for his co-founded production company, Idea Garage; an outlet for his crazed vision and twisted ideas.

Some of his credits include: X-Men Origins: Wolverine, A Few Best Men, The Wolverine, Mad Max: Fury Road and the upcoming Ridley Scott production: Alien: Covenant.

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